Using Instagram for your business

In recent years Instagram has exponentially broadened their user base, in fact it has grown by 416% which is impressive for a photo sharing media. But is Instagram just a photo sharing platform? So is Pinterest but it doesn’t have the same user engagement. This is so due to the heavy use of hashtags, allowing brands to advertise and grow their businesses.

So, if you are wondering how other brands are managing to stay on top of their advertising and managing their businesses. We have the answer, they are using Instagram management services. Which is where we come in as this is one of our specialties.

Instagram management services are widely used by almost every brand today, as it is a very efficient way to expand your business. And introduce your brand to a whole new audience. Your customer engagement will improve, all while it being especially cost effective, you won’t have to spend a lot of money in order to make a lot of it.

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What we will do for you

We will manage your account for you, creating strategies and doing research on the newest marketing trends in order to provide you with the best service. With our help you will be able to grow your customer base by attracting new clients to your products. And you won’t even have to do anything. You just focus on running your day-to-day business practices, and we will take care of your social media.

And if you want to make a post feel free, the more you are engaging with your customers the better. Or you can just tell what you want to share and we will do it for you.

Depending on things like the age of your customers, their interests we will create targeted posts and advertisements. This will create more buzz around your brand as part of our Instagram management services.

How does it work?

If you are thinking of using an Instagram management agency, you are sure to be curious about the inner workings within it. We are a team that you will be in constant communication with about your account management. We will work closely with you, informing you about customer engagement, how your latest posts are performing. If they are not generating as much interest as we would like we will inform you and start working on a new strategy, as we value transparency above all else.

What types of Instagram management services we will offer you

As we know, Instagram management services are professional services used to implement content relevant to your business while growing your follower base, through making posts, follower interaction and advertisement, all in one place. The services that we offer you are the following:

  • Content creation
  • Adding relevant hashtags
  • Account set-up and monitoring
  • Follower base growth
  • Publishing daily posts
  • Giving you monthly reports on user engagement
  • Copywriting
  • Follower interaction

With the implementation of all of these services you are guaranteed to see growth in your followers and increased interest in your business. We will fully dedicate ourselves to making your dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I need to make my own posts?

You won’t need to if you don’t want to, or if you are busy with your everyday business requirements. But if you want to, we welcome you to, as more posts means more foot traffic and it will always add a bit of a more personal touch to your account. After all it is your account, we are just here to help you grow your business and reach to a wider audience. Although we will appreciate it if you provide us with recent photos so that we are able to better promote your business.

If I sell a service and not a product will I be able to use Instagram for my business?

Yes, our team has the knowledge and the expertise to make Instagram work for any type of business model. Even if you feel completely clueless when it comes to Instagram and what to post, we will make it work for you, and take care of it all.

It does not matter if your business offers a product or a service, we will be able to make it work either way. We will make posts that are engaging and that will catch the attention of a wide audience.

Is it important for a business to have an Instagram presence?

We would think so, Instagram is one, if not the largest social media platform online, with a user base of one billion per month. That is a large pool of potential customers waiting to be dipped in, and with all the tools and services available to use today it would simply be a shame not to. For an affordable price we can help introduce you to a whole lot of new clients, you don’t even have to worry yourself with the growth, we will do it all. From creating a post to even responding to comments, elevating your followers engagement to a whole other level.

Will Instagram help with engagement on my website?

It most certainly will, with the help of our Instagram management services, we will actively promote your website on the posts we make, as well as the advertisements. This will in turn gain you more traffic on your website by customers interested in the products that you sell, or the services which you offer. To achieve maximum effect it is important to also use advertising services that way with paid ads, the traffic will be directly driven to your website.

Why choose us?

With our team you will get complete dedication and professionalism towards building and expanding your brand. We will make growing your account our top priority, while being in constant contact with you. You will be informed of any and all changes made to your account, with the final decision being in your hands. All that we ask is that you trust us, as we have your best interests in our minds.