As a teenager, I found myself sitting on the computer, researching about SEO and digital marketing. The first years were the most enlightening but I was striving for something bigger. The small projects done was not something I was really after. I wanted something more exciting and challenging. The time was passing and I was stacking up my knowledge.

Each new project was more serious than the previous one. I have landed the first client and right after I’ve landed the second one. Countless hours spent on executing, planning and organizing campaigns but not a single one wasted.

My initial focus was SEO but with time, I acquired other core skills and drastically improved in all fields. Now, I’m able to manage big projects all by myself. All that because of trying, executing, failing and most important – not giving up.

Dimitar Talevski photo

Dimitar Talevski

Founder, Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer