Utilize Our Topical Map Service to Establish Topical Authority for SEO & Dominate the SERPs in Your Niche!

Your SEO efforts are useless if your topical coverage and content mapping are off.
Topical authority was once the secret shortcut but now it’s a requirement.
Conquer the SERPs just by utilizing our topical map service in your SEO content strategy!

What Is Topical Authority?

Topical authority is new semantic SEO concept for ranking higher on the SERPs by covering semantically connected topics and relevant search queries with accurate, unique and expert information on your website.

To achieve this, you need a topical map for your content creation before you begin with your website. Every topic you cover has to be semantically written and interlinked.

What Is Topical Map?

A topical map is a map of clustered topics related to the main topic. Every cluster should have supporting subtopics that are semantically written and interlinked. This helps Google notice that you are the authority in your niche, that’s why it’s called a topical authority.

Planning the content by using a topical map is a must for every website struggling to get organic traffic.

Features 🔥

Full Topical Coverage

You can rest assured that your website is fully covering the niche but we also leave space for further extensions if the niche is not evergreen and evolves.

Hierarchy & Categories

Our topical map service is making it easier for Google to understand what’s your website about because of the logical hierarchy and semantical categorization.

Word Counts & Outlines

You also get a recommendation for word count and outline for each article in the topical map. All you have to do is simply get the content written by your content writing agency.

Topic Clusters

We don’t rely on AI tools. We manually find and brainstorm the clusters after researching the niche. Our topical maps are filling the gaps in your niche and your website will be the first to cover some of the topics.

Semantic Interlinking Strategy

Internal links are the new backlinks! The topical maps we create have an interlinking strategy included. The interlinking can’t be done randomly if we aim to establish topical authority.

Ready to Use

The topical mapping we do is a ready-to-use content plan. Your content manager can start planning the next move immediately. We also have a guide if you are a newbie.

What Are You Getting? 📦

Category – For every topic cluster, there will be an assigned category.

Word Count – Recommended word count

Content Type – How To, Product Roundup, Single Review, Listicle or Begginer’s Guide

Topic/Target Keyword – A main topic for the article targeting a specific keyword

Content Outline – Complete outline for the writers to follow, including must-not-miss sections and gaps left out by your competitors

Secondary Keywords – Keywords to be included for increased topical relevance

LSI Keywords – LSI keywords are included for semantical improvement

Search Volume – Total search volume of all the keywords (Target+Secondary)

Search Intent – Informational, navigational, commercial or transactional

Keyword Difficulty – KD is measured by manually analyzing the SERPs

SEO Title – SEO-optimized title for high CTR

Topical Map Generation Service

Clients Utilizing Our Topical Authority Maps
& EEAT Friendly Content 📊

What We Deliver 📮


The spreadsheet contains all the important data for the topical map. Everything is colorized for easier recognition.

You can easily find any cluster and all information about it.

Mind Map

The mind map helps you visualize the topical map. The topical map spreadsheet contains way too much information, making it harder to navigate through.

The image above is from our delivery sample. Comparing to the topical maps we have created, it is a fraction in terms of size.

Wanna Take A Look?
Check Out Our Topical Map Delivery Sample!

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Pricing & Packages

🔥 Starter

  • Up to 3 Levels Website Hierarchy
  • 200 - 1,000s Topic Clusters
  • 1,000s Easy Ranking Keywords
  • Content Type
  • Search Volume
  • Search Intent
  • Mind Map
  • TAT: 10 Working Days

Buy in a Bundle & Save 50%!

Buy a topical map and SEO content and save 50% on the content plan package.

In this bundle, you get:
Topical Map [Content Plan]
300,000 words of SEO Content

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1200 +
topical maps created
0 K+
keywords found

Topical Authority Map Service For Already
Established Website

If you already have your website running without a topical map created in the first place, we can fix that for you! We will create a topical map from scratch including your already published posts accordingly.

The price depends on the actual number of posts and the size of the topical map you want.

Send us your website to review it and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who Needs Topical Maps​ for SEO

Who Needs Topical Mapping?

Frequently Asked Questions

Seed keywords/topics are short-length phrases that explain the topic you want to be an authority on.

Every topic we include in the topical map will be semantically relevant to this seed keyword/topic.

Your seed topic/keyword MUST NOT be too broad or too narrow.

Example of too broad seed topics/keywords:
  • – Finance
    – Health
    – Gambling
    – Casino
    – Sports
    – Pets
Examples of good seed topics/keywords:
  • – Personal Income Taxes
    – Keto Diet
    Horse Racing Betting
    – Poker
    – Golf

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. The topical map we are creating can only cover one topic. The topic can’t be too broad or too narrow. If you want to cover multiple niches, you will need to order one topical map for each.

If your niche is too broad, you can order a topical map for a specific category on your website, but only if it’s still not too broad.

This topical map generation service is right for you if:

  • – You want to establish topical authority for your website.
    – You need hundreds of topics researched, analyzed and semantically clustered.
    – You need a turnkey content plan ready for your team for the next 12+ months.
    – You need content briefs for your team of writers.
    – You need secondary & LSI keywords with your content plan/topical map.
    – You need a semantical interlinking plan for your website.
    – You need a human & crawlers-friendly website structure.
    – You need to be the authority brand in your niche.

This topical map generation service is NOT right for you if:

  • – You are only looking for long-tail keywords.
    – You are looking for a cheap service.
    – You only need a small batch of keywords.
    – You are looking for easy ranking keywords.

The Starter package is great for revealing the topics from your seed keyword/topic.
This package can be used for a new or existing website, expanding to a new seed topic/keyword.

The Authority package is helpful not just for you but also for your content writers and editors. It includes SEO titles for the articles, recommended word counts and LSI keywords.

The Content Plan package is the most valuable package. It’s not just a topical map but a content plan for your team for the next 12+ months.
It includes outlines, semantic interlinking plan and keyword difficulty, which are manually researched and analyzed.

If you want to be an authority in your niche within the shortest timeframe possible, this is the package you need.

This job can’t be done by any tool available at the moment.

Human knowledge, reasoning and understanding is needed.

You can always use a topical map, whether it’s for a new website or already established website with many posts indexed on Google.

You can expand into new topics or new categories within your already established website.

Unfortunately, we are not working with non-English websites/niches.