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The number of WordPress users is growing every year. WordPress is a go-to platform for many people who want to launch a website, and it has remained that way for more than two decades. Thus, let’s learn some of the most impressive WordPress statistics.

By the end of this article, you will learn how WordPress changed the Internet game and assisted many users in promoting their businesses. 

Fascinating Stats and Facts About WordPress 

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10 Fascinating Stats and Facts About WordPress 

  • 43.1% of websites use WordPress
  • Over 400 million Internet users visit WordPress monthly
  • The market share of WordPress in the CMS market is 63.1 %
  • 20.2% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce
  • People can publish on WordPress in 208 languages
  • 11,062 themes are available for WordPress in the official repository
  • 61.65% of malware-infected websites were found to be built on WordPress
  • Wordfence blocked 18.5 billion password attack requests on WordPress websites
  • Over four million requests were blocked by Wordfence Web Application Firewall
  • WPScan recorded 5000+ plugin vulnerabilities in the last year

General WordPress Usage Statistics

1. Around 810 million websites prefer WordPress


As of 2023, more than 800 million websites use WordPress, which represents 43.1% of all existing websites on the Internet. Around 500 new websites are created on WordPress every day, and the number is rapidly growing.

2. Over 409 million Internet users visit WordPress.com pages every month


More than 400 million Internet users visit WordPress monthly. Also, they read around 20 billion pages each month according to WordPress statistics visitors.

3. WordPress is the leading website in terms of popularity and traffic


The WordPress usage statistics show that the traffic and popularity are growing and dominant over other websites. 

WordPress Market Position

Source: W3techs

4. The market share of WordPress in the CMS (content management system) market is 63.1%


In July 2022, the market share of WordPress in the CMS was 64.2%. In December 2022, it decreased to 64.0. Currently, in July 2023, the WordPress market size in the content management system will reach just above 63%.

5. The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded 98 million times


WordPress 6.2 is the latest version of the WordPress platform currently. It was released in March 2023, and almost 100 million people downloaded it at the time of writing.

6. The fastest-growing CMS platform in the last 10 years is WordPress


WordPress has been the leading CMS platform since 2012, when it had a market share of 54.3%. No other platform has even come close to being the market leader WordPress is today. For example, Squarespace had a 0.2% market share in 2012. In 2023, it only reached 3.0%.

WordPress also dominates over the two other popular CMS platforms. Wix has 3.6%, and Shopify with 5.8% market share in 2023.

Fastest-Growing CMS Platform in the Last 10 Years is WordPress

Source: W3techs

7. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress subcategory ranked by usage


WordPress users can take advantage of the subcategories of this platform and customize their websites to their liking. The most popular WordPress subcategory is WooCommerce, with which users can turn their websites into e-commerce stores for selling products.

More than 20% of websites on WordPress use WooCommerce. Out of 812.1 million WordPress sites, WooCommerce has installed 164 million. 

The second subcategory in line is Elementor. More than 19% of WordPress websites use this subcategory and are focused on building pages. Thus, many people use WooCommerce and Elementor in combination.

WPBarkery is also a very popular subcategory of WordPress. 13.1% of all WordPress websites for page-building plugins. WordPress has other subcategories, but these three are the most dominant.

8. WooCommerce has 5,300+ active shops


More than 5,300 WooCommerce stores sell over 20,000 products. 

9. Every two minutes, a website in the top 10 million sites starts using WordPress


This statistic is based on the top 10 million sites according to Alexa and Tranco rankings which help identify a website’s activity. Within this list, over 1,000 new WordPress sites are created every day. 

10. People can publish on WordPress in 208 languages


71% of users on WordPress publish in English. But many people also write in Spanish and Japanese. The WordPress site statistics show that 32% of posts are translated, and more languages are added on a constant basis.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Statistics

11. 11,062 themes are available for WordPress in the official repository


The official WordPress repository currently features over 11,000 free themes to suit the preferences of different website owners and provide variety.

12. There are 31,010 total WordPress themes 


More than 31,000 themes are available on WordPress, including premium options that can be downloaded or purchased. The total count includes child themes and updated ones. Some of the counted themes have both a free and a premium option.

13. 60,000 free plugins are available in the official WordPress plugin directory


WordPress statistics plugins show the availability of around 60,000 free options. Users can find a plugin for whatever purpose they need. Each plugin is checked for security and possible errors by the WordPress team.

14. Yoast SEO has 5 million active installations in the WordPress plugin directory


Among many of the available WordPress plugins, Yoast SEO has the most active installations, making it the top first choice for most users, rated five stars. 

15. $77.57 is the average price of a premium WordPress theme


Many themes on WordPress can be downloaded and used with a free trial. But if they want to continue using the theme after the free trial, users are required to pay a monthly fee. Most pay $77 on average for a premium theme.

WordPress Security Statistics

16. WordPress websites get hacked around nine times per minute


WordPress is considered a very safe platform. But since it’s widely used, it can be a frequent target for hackers.

WordPress has an open-source nature, and it extends to multiple themes and plugins. This feature is great for users. But hackers may find it as a beneficial opportunity. Thus, WordPress websites are estimated to get hacked more than 10,000 times a day, around four million yearly.

17. 61.65% of malware-infected websites were found to be built on WordPress


A report from 2021 has identified the presence of damaging software built on WordPress. The malware-infected websites were higher than 61%, compared to backdoor and SEO spam.

Malware Family Distribution in 2021

Source: Sucuri

18. 18.5 billion password attack requests were blocked by Wordfence on WordPress websites


In 2021, Wordfence blocked more than 18 billion password attack requests on WordPress. Only in January of the same year, Wordfence dealt with 8,227,887,615 attempts of people hacking a password by randomly guessing.

19. Over four billion requests were blocked by Wordfence Web Application Firewall


In the first six months of 2021, the Wordfence Web Application Firewall blocked 4+ billion requests.

20. The top vulnerability is Cross-Site Scripting


In 2021, Wordfence identified 47 WordPress theme vulnerabilities and 552 plugin vulnerabilities. But the top reported vulnerabilities by type are Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), SQL Injection, Access Control issues, and File Upload issues.

Cross-Site Scripting

Source: Wordfence

21. WPScan recorded 5,000+ plugin vulnerabilities in the last year


In 2022, WPScan recorded a little over 5,000 plugin vulnerabilities. But this year, the number of plugin vulnerabilities has grown to 5,899.

22. 8% of WordPress websites are hacked as a result of weak passwords

(WP Clipboard)

WordPress statistics compiled by WP Clipboard estimate that the percentage of websites hacked due to weak and stolen passwords is low. But users should always choose easy-to-remember passwords to prevent hackers from guessing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many comments are made monthly on WordPress?

On average, users post 77 million comments on WordPress pages every month. That is estimated to be 1,620 posts per minute. Active users make 70 million posts monthly, which are mostly short and clearly engaging for the community.

How many spam messages does WordPress receive every month?

Just like every other popular website, WordPress also deals with spam messages. They get around 500 billion spam messages monthly. Luckily, WordPress has a spam blocker called Akismet which can block more than seven million spam comments per hour.

What WordPress theme is the most popular?

The premium WordPress theme directory and plugin marketplace offer a variety of themes. For almost 10 years, a user favorite has been Avada which costs $69, and it has remained the most purchased theme to this day.

Bottom Line

We hope we helped you learn the most interesting facts and WordPress statistics. This platform is constantly growing, and its popularity can be witnessed by how users quickly jump on the new version immediately after its release.

WordPress is the top platform for creating websites with reason. New themes and plugins are often released to provide users with versatility and more options while creating their websites.


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