Target Audience for Baby Products

As the baby and parenting market continues to grow, so does the competition. Innovation in the baby market isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as American parents spend an average of $12,000 on their newborns in the first year.

In 2018, the worldwide baby care products market was estimated to bring in $11.4 billion in revenue. By 2021, the market is expected to reach a value of 13.3 billion dollars in the United States. For American brands, what does this mean?

This digital era’s power and competitiveness are propelling the sector into its next chapter. Internet purchasing has never been more powerful. According to recent data, funding for firms specializing in baby items and marketplaces is on the rise. As of March 2018, more than $300 million has been invested in these firms since 2016.

Marketing experts may take advantage of the growing interest in and demand for infant and parenting products due to these significant shifts in consumer spending power. If so, what kind of products are you putting out? The target audience for baby products may be tricky. Here are some pointers from the experts.

Target Audience for Baby Products

In recent years, there has been a “baby boom” in the number of new baby and children’s goods businesses. With each passing year, you can expect a wave of new competitors to enter the market. It is critical to know who to target when creating an ad for newborn baby products.

Pregnant Moms

Pregnant moms are a great target audience, as they will have a baby, so indeed, they would look for products that can improve their baby’s health and wellbeing.

Single Parents

Either single mom or dad, you should always target both sections, as they are parents and want to do better for their child. So excluding single parents would be a big mistake as you wish to include every targeting audience in your ad campaign.  

Same-Sex Parents

Facebook ad marketers often leave same-sex parents from their targeting audience, which is a big opportunity to reel new customers for your products. Surrogacy is now being used by an increasing number of same-sex male couples to start their own families. 

New Parents

The majority of infants will spend time in their parents’ room. And after that, parents shift their newborn to separate rooms, which requires them several sets of basic sheets and swaddling blankets, and receiving and waterproof bedding, which is also essential for babies.

So, targeting the new parents audience would be best, as they need so many things for their newborn.

Target Audience for Baby Products

Ways to Target Audience for Baby Products

Target Using FB Audience Insights

You can utilize Facebook Audience Insights to examine your audience’s age and gender, education level, and relationship status. Analyzing more thoroughly improves targeting accuracy.

Facebook Audience Insights provides aggregate data on several groups of users that are interested in baby products. And, with the help of Facebook audience insights, you can quickly locate more people similar to those in your present audience. It’s a great feature if you want to experiment with different audiences and ad creatives.

Target Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences can be used to target people who share a similar profile to your audience, i.e., the Custom Audience you created for your baby products. We are talking about interest-based targeting here.

To attract new customers, you need to go through this process. For one thing, it’s much more likely that if you target folks who share your best customer’s interests and desires, they’ll become customers as well!

Targeting Groups with Parents

These are parenting communities, such as those where parents encourage one another and share advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook or Instagram. So look for groups with a lot of activity and copy the links. 

Targeting Competitor’s Audience

Indeed there would be a baby shop that has parents as fans and subscribers? That said, why not go after them? A better offer (lower price, first-purchase discount, free trial, etc.) will likely pique their interest in your goods.

Ads for other brands can be viewed in the Ad Library by searching for their name. Open their Facebook page and select the Page Transparency box in the right-hand navigation if you prefer. Ads from this page can be viewed in the Ad Library by clicking the View in Ad Library button.

Retargeting Using Facebook Pixel

People who have already visited your baby product brand could be targeted using the Facebook pixel. Facebook Pixel is a helpful tool that allows you to target people who have previously interacted with your brand for retargeting efforts.

When it comes down to it, retargeting everyone who’s ever visited your site is a bit of an overreach. As a result, you’ll have to narrow it down a bit more.

Initially, retarget visitors to one of your landing pages who did not make a transaction. For this reason, you want to focus on customers who have expressed interest in your products and are currently in the consideration stage of the sales funnel. Related: How to Delete Facebook Pixel

Tips to Target Audience for Baby Products

Tips to Target Audience for Baby Products

Find Keywords Using Ubersuggest 

Keywords are the heart of any internet ad because they allow search engines to display more relevant results based on their search. As a result, if you include these keywords in your ad copy, your ad will show when someone searches for that phrase. To identify keywords connected to infant items, we recommend using Ubersuggest.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a fantastic piece of software. Aside from keywords, it displays the keywords used by competitors, and backlinks and interlinks. Don’t worry about making an extensive list; instead, concentrate on the essentials first. When you’re finished, go to Google and search for each keyword.

SEO Optimized Ad Copy

An ad text is something that defines what makes your product unique as well as its benefits without appearing cheesy. Ad wording is an essential component of a Facebook ad; it can make or break a transaction for you. This is why Ad copy is so crucial. Whatever you write can influence whether or not your target audience wants to buy it.

And SEO-optimized ad text is a different beast because it contains so much more than simply words, such as backlinks, internal links, references, and keywords. This is why you should always draft your ad content with your target demographic in mind. Consider what a parent wants to see in your ad in this scenario.

Test and Optimize Different Ad Creatives

There is a lot of competition on Facebook today, but it’s not hard to acquire leads. Using Facebook’s A/B testing tools, which allow marketers to test multiple audiences, interests, behaviors, and ages for less money, you may generate more leads and better identify your target demographic. Use these features at your peril, and we urge you to do so to discover which target demographic is best for your brand.

Do not begin with one ad, as previously stated. Test every one of your ideas. You should only run one or two ads at a time per audience if you’re doing it manually. Alternate between these and other varieties daily, for example. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to tell which ads are performing the best. When you’ve tested all of your options and have new ones in mind based on what you’ve learned, turn these back on.

Split The Budget Among Different Audiences

Marketing on a limited budget necessitates dividing the funds among various audiences so that you may determine which one is most effective for your company and focus on it. Some audiences surpass others in your campaign.

Increase the budget of one audience while decreasing the budget of another if you’re achieving better results on that audience. Throughout your campaign, you are always looking for the finest investment opportunity.

We all want sales, and if you’re on a budget, this is the most excellent strategy for your business.

Split the Audiences Based on Niche 

Your product is more likely to have distinct niche audiences, ideal for your ad creatives because you can display them on other advertising projects based on your campaign reports.

Campaign reports show the performance of all of your commercials and ad creatives over a given period. Campaign reports reveal where you’re getting traffic and sales, audience performance, and a plethora of other essential data that you may utilize to design or run better-targeted advertising.

Use this knowledge to construct new versions of your audiences for even more excellent outcomes, and continue to dig to get the most out of any campaign. It’s sometimes a good idea to conduct this in a new version of your campaign as a brand-new test. This enables you to compare different versions of your campaign later.


In this article, we have discussed strategies and tips about the target audience for baby products. Therefore we hope this information will assist you in developing ad campaigns that will allow you to target potential clients rather than spending money on a large audience. Finally, we recommend that you experiment with your ad creatives as much as possible to determine which audience and ad work best for you.

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