How to Target Entrepreneurs on Facebook

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By providing some of the most comprehensive ad capabilities, Facebook sets the bar for social media advertising. It’s possible to target people based on their age and geography using Facebook Audience insights. As we all know, Facebook advertising categories are anything but simple, with categories ranging from specialty to downright odd, such as friends of newlyweds, family members of expats, and even ecotourism enthusiasts.

Despite Facebook’s extensive capabilities, 66% of B2Bs conducting paid campaigns are still unable to figure out. There is no guarantee that any of the following strategies will be the best fit for your company. You’re at the right place if you’re feeling overwhelmed, beaten down, or stressed out by Facebook adverts. Using the top B2B advertising categories on Facebook, we’ll show you how to target entrepreneurs on Facebook.

How to Target Entrepreneurs on Facebook

Your firm may not benefit from every one of the strategies listed below. Keeping your buyer personas close at hand as you go through the list will allow you to jot down any relevant information.

Use interests related to business owners

Everybody interested in making money, not just actual business owners, will benefit from this strategy. While the algorithm may define different interests depending on how Facebook users interact with social media, we have no way of knowing whether or not this person has a business; it’s still worth trying.

Several services are highly beneficial for those who plan to build up a business. Alternatively, people in your industry may pass your ad to a business acquaintance, or an employee may tell their coworkers about your offering.

Target Facebook pages admins

One or more admins are required for every Facebook page. Generally speaking, an admin is a person who establishes and administers this page, which can imply that this individual is the business’s owner or, at the very least, has significant influence over critical choices.

Try to get in touch with the administrators of the business page you’re interested in. Behaviors is where you’ll find Facebook page admins, as well as a specific specialization of Facebook page admins, such as “Travel and tourism Page admins,” for example.

Target Facebook payments users

Facebook users who have spent money in the last three months might be targeted using this innovative category. This category might target business owners on Facebook, key decision-makers, or B2Bs in charge of company spending.

Use Custom Audiences 

The people who have interacted with your Instagram account or seen your videos or other media can all be included in your custom audiences. To use the Facebook pixel option, you must already have a Facebook Pixel-enabled website and have advertised the existence of that website. The pixel already has information about your website visitors, clients, and business owners using this method.

Use retargeting to remind visitors of the website of your products or services or even to test out new products and services.

Another option to target business owners is to reach out to you directly or follow you through your social media accounts. Entrepreneurs will not be able to get in touch with you if your account is more personal.

Your clients’ phone numbers and email addresses can also be uploaded if you access a database. A minimum of 300 contacts are required; ideally, 1000 are preferred.

How to Target Entrepreneurs on Facebook

LAL – Lookalike Audience

If you currently have customers, using a lookalike crowd can be a powerful marketing strategy. Essentially, it’s a mirror image of the original audience.

Your pixel data, people that have engaged with you, your data from a file, etc., are all examples of source audiences. You may quickly and easily find folks who will be interested in your product by doing this. Try all percentages of lookalike audiences: sometimes 1% doesn’t work, but 4% does.

Media and brands for business owners

If you want to connect with business owners, you need to think like one. What kind of media or product can only be used by business owners and those deeply involved in the firm?

Detailed targeting expansion

Facebook automatically selects the best audience for your ad based on your specific targeting options. However, for some items, it works better than any other method. If you’ve never used Facebook’s ad center before, this is one of the simplest and most effective methods to get started.

Even if you don’t have any hobbies listed, you can still add them and expand your knowledge.

B2B events and organizations

There are many special events that business leaders or senior management participate in and are also members of unique communities. We think their objectives are worth pursuing, although they are a concentrated group of business leaders. If you’re able to access their guest lists, you can upload them as a custom audience.

Here are some things we discovered through Facebook Ads:

  • Social Gatherings
  • A convention devoted to small businesses
  • Week of Small Business
  • Small Business Federation
  • Association of Small Business Owners
  • America’s Small Business Owners
  • Week of Entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurs

There is a sizable and well-organized female business community. Several groups promote female entrepreneurship, and women in business help one other out. You’re more likely to find business owners if you target female entrepreneurs.

The best way to reach female business owners is to employ specific targeting and a particular interest, such as:

  • Female Business Owners
  • Women-Owned Small Businesses
  • Organizations for Women Entrepreneurs

Choose interests that only Businesses would be interested in

It’s possible to identify some Facebook interests that can only be associated with businesses, such as specialized software or legal entities. ERP systems are unlikely to be of interest to a random Instagram or Facebook user.

You may want to look into the following:

  • Software for small businesses
  • Valuation of a business
  • Software as a Service
  • Types of corporations
  • Automation of business processes, etc.

Use Ads to Target Small Businesses on Facebook

The companies you’re trying to approach may not have a significant enough presence on Facebook to appear in the site’s list of employers. To target a small company owner, choose the demographic.

As the last step, reduce the scope of your search by using variables such as digital behavior, geography, and interests to find precisely the kind of business owners you want.

Cues You Should Use to Target Entrepreneurs on Facebook

Cues You Should Use to Target Entrepreneurs on Facebook

Use Job Titles

Personalizing your message by targeting certain job titles guarantees that your message is more effective.

For example, using an account-based marketing strategy, you might build several Facebook campaigns for different jobs inside the same organization. The best method for attracting business owners is to aim for the gold!


Not all countries have this choice. In other words, with income-based targeting, we may narrow our search to only include people in specific income brackets. We don’t know how much money these families make because tax authorities don’t collect this data.

Based on their earnings, it’s safe to presume that these individuals can run their enterprises. If you’re searching for something to experiment with, go ahead and give this a whirl.

Narrowing Audiences 

Having a specific specialization in mind can help you narrow down your search. To narrow your target audience on Facebook, you must select both of your desired interests from the drop-down menu and not just one.

To be sure, this tool helps narrow your target audience to a manageable size, but you should proceed with caution because it cannot always be relied upon to do so.

The ideal audience size is between 300,000 and 500,000 people. It is possible to launch the ad even if your budget is less than 100,000, but you’ll have to pay more for each click. You’ll be able to determine whether or not your investments were worthwhile.

Interests, habits, and other types of behavior can all be narrowed down using this strategy.

Lookalike Audiences

Using a Facebook Pixel, you can generate a personalized lookalike audience for your website’s visitors. Begin by looking at what you already know about your audience. Starting with groups like these would be an excellent place to begin:

  • As a result of their time on your site, these visitors became leads
  • Conversions from leads to customers
  • Your most devoted clients or consumers

Using Facebook’s secret sauce, you’ll be able to gather even more information on the people you want to target. Account-based marketing efforts can benefit from this as well.

You can also use data from your most successful consumers to tailor your lookalike audience. Lookalike audiences are great for narrowing down your target demographic for Facebook advertising, but there are many other ways to do it.


Visitors to your website from people who found you on Facebook are more than likely interested in your product and will visit your website to learn more about it. Your clients are online, and you can take advantage of this by using customized Facebook advertising to engage with them and build your business.

Now it’s up to you to take the initiative and go after business owners on your own. Don’t be disappointed if your Facebook B2B advertising campaign doesn’t meet your expectations. It takes time to figure out how to target entrepreneurs on Facebook.

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