How To Grow a Subreddit

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During the past few years, Reddit has swiftly become a hotspot for marketers and big-name brands. You may have already noticed that the site’s culture presents a significant obstacle to any business, assuming you’re familiar with it.

There is a lot of potential for marketing on Reddit, but Reddit moderators are pretty good at catching spam. Even if you submit a link to your website on Reddit, the moderators are more than likely to remove it or ban you. 

When you’ve been shadowbanned, your account appears normal to you, but it’s invisible to everyone else. To avoid getting banned from Reddit. To help you learn how to grow a subreddit, we’ve compiled a list of six easy ways to get the news out about your newly created Subreddit.

How to Grow A Subreddit

Promote Your Subreddit by Engaging with Users 

Even though it is the first and most essential step, getting to this position takes some time. To begin, get involved in as many activities as possible. It will take some time to post something new. You’ll need to start posting in the subreddits you’re interested in if you want to acquire their trust.

Begin participating in subreddits as soon as you determine their worth to you. The only way to get started on Reddit is to participate. If you create a post about your site using a new Reddit account and immediately receive a storm of downvotes, the subreddit will most likely ignore you.

When it comes to getting new subscribers, we’ve left out the best for the end. It’s ideal to find Redditors discussing a topic connected to your subreddit, join the conversation, and post a link to your subreddit. Consumers are far more likely to click through and sign up for the service!

Use the Subreddits to Your Advantage

This one should be simple. It’s a good idea to find other subs with a similar topic to your own and either provide a link to yours or include a brief description of why others should do so. Please only submit your URL once per subscription. Spamming on Reddit can result in your account being deleted or you being banned from the site.

How To Grow a Subreddit

Create Link Submission to Your Subreddit

Finally, a link to your website will arrive. You’re still not out of the woods. There are several ways to improve your entry. It would help if you decided whether to submit a direct link to your website or include a link to your website in a longer text post. Most of the time, you’ll have to switch between subreddits to accomplish this.

Regardless of whatever one you choose, you’ll want to make your contribution as noticeable as possible. From here on out, you may know the approach because it is similar to traditional content marketing.

Allow Users to Post and Respond in Your Subreddit 

If your subreddits were more interesting, they would expand faster. As a result, we recommend that you respond to every comment and reply and interact with your consumers to create a community.

You can even be the first to comment if the link is yours! I’ve previously used this method to get the conversation started. Using the same post as before, I’ve been much more active in the comments, which has made the thread more vibrant.

You Could Ask Other Admins to Post Your Link

Links uploaded by admins have a higher level of credibility and hence attract more traffic. One method is to contact the moderator of a specific subreddit and request that your link is added. To elicit a positive response, your connection should be valuable to the community, or you might offer a discount or free goods from your company as a reward.

If you have a lot of links to your Reddit, search engines will be more likely to find you. Because of this, if any forum or blog readers appreciate what you wrote, they’ll likely go check out your sub as well!

Even though your contributions must be more community-oriented than promotional, you can still pay for advertising to promote your material and get it in front of more people. You can obtain a few simple followers by joining these subreddits and posting your new sub. The presence of these connections may help increase the page authority of your subreddit.

If you promote your post, subreddits will prioritize it higher, and you may also direct the message to a specific user group. If you utilize this tool wisely, you don’t want people to mistake all of your posts for advertisements.

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How to Use Reddit for Marketing

The Most Popular Reddit Posts Are Under 120 Characters

You can give your Reddit post a title before you publish it. The Foundation Marketing team examined Reddit’s subreddits and discovered that posts with tags between 60 and 80 characters received higher upvotes. In contrast, the worst-performing titles were those with more than 120 characters or fewer than 20 characters.

Inquiry-Based Posts Attract the Most Commenters

Marketers should watch for upvotes, clicks, and comments on Reddit to see how well their content is received. While this may be true, there are various ways in which content might affect the outcome. To get twice as many comments, a question-based headline is preferable to one that states something.

External Links Are The Most Popular

Reddit users are most likely to click on links. To find new products, websites, tools, and information, Redditors turn to With upvotes, users can cut through the clutter and find only the best information. Over 16,000 more upvotes were given to posts with links than to posts with no links at all.

The Most Popular External Links Are Videos

You must realize that not every external content on the web has equal value. Photo-sharing sites and video-sharing sites can all be linked-to to the same blog post. 

In terms of upvotes, videos and images are the most popular. There were more than 10,000 more upvotes for photos and videos than for links to websites. Each subreddit is so distinct from the others is a crucial takeaway from this exploration of the site. In some subreddits, a particular type of content is more popular than others. 

So, our team decided to analyze some of the most popular subreddits’ titles and topic patterns. We also discovered new information on the following topics:

New Rules For Doing Research and Obtaining Information Popularity of Scientific Reddit Subreddits

Afraid about what lies ahead? There is a subreddit for you at r/Futurology. According to our research, visitors of this subreddit are eager to learn about new developments in science and technology. 

The first time, first time, and further research are three of the most frequently used words in a single sentence. You’ll find a slew of other postings utilizing this format in the /r/Futurology subreddit.

A 38% Increase in Video Views on Reddit

Video content on Reddit has grown by 38 percent since 2018. More than a quarter of all Reddit-hosted videos now use the site’s native player, eclipsing the number of videos linked to YouTube. 

This suggests that the majority of users are watching and sharing videos through this method. Make sure you’re providing content that will halt people in their tracks as more and more accounts post videos.

For Health & Fitness Content on Reddit, There Was a 43% Increase

If you’re into health and fitness, Reddit is the place to be, as seen by its 43 percent growth from 2017 to 2018. For this content, the platform is a valuable resource, and it’s just going to expand. Reddit is brimming with articles on anything from Veganism to the Keto diet to skincare. For both users and businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to participate.

Links Make up More Than Half of The Content on The Most Popular Subreddits

Subreddits on Reddit’s most popular pages rely heavily on links for content. New websites and resources related to the user’s interests are found on Reddit. Using Reddit’s upvotes, users may sort through the information they don’t want to see and browse a filtered feed.

Some of the Best Subreddits To Join

Some of the Best Subreddits To Join

It’s endlessly entertaining, fascinating, and practical at the same time. Whether you’re looking for help defining an obscure term or identifying a half-remembered song, Subreddits like these are some of our favorites.


For all of your DIY needs, whether you need help starting a project or advice along the way, or if you want to marvel at the skills of other people, this is the place for you. You’ll find a great deal of data here, and it’s likely to be more beneficial than searching the Internet or YouTube for advice on your home improvement projects.

Change My View

We feel obligated to highlight change my view (CMV) in this era of escalating indifference and hatred toward those with differing viewpoints. It’s supposed to be a way where people may argue without the use of insults and sarcasm. There’s a wealth of information here, from economic theories to the value of shoelaces.

House Plants

On the subject of houseplants, there is no limit to the amount of information you can learn. One of those subreddits that concentrates on one thing and does it exceptionally well—you’ll get information on how to care for your houseplants—a lot of images of other people’s plants in this one. Whether you’re looking for help, inspiration, or a place to show off your plant collection, here is the place to go.

Personal Finance

Advice on various topics, from mortgage applications to wage negotiations, may be found on Reddit. A quick perusal of the personal-finance subreddit reveals many valuable suggestions and tactics that will help you manage your money better as you delve further into each post.

Ask Historians

The historians will immediately clarify any question about the past that you’ve been puzzling over at They answer the vast majority of valid inquiries clearly and concisely. In the absence of a precise query, the subreddit provides a wealth of information.

Budget Food

This subreddit is a great place to gather advice on cooking well without breaking the bank, and it seems like most of us are interested in that. 

If you have a specific type of meal or event in mind, or if you’d like to take inspiration from some of the many recipes that have been shared, you can do so here.

Movie Details

You’ll never run out of small tidbits to discover in movies: MovieDetails is the kind of subreddit where you can easily waste an hour or two without realizing any time has passed. 

It contains everything from subtle gestures to the fans, to Easter eggs left by the directors, to links between movies that you would never have noticed if they weren’t pointed out.

Internet Is Beautiful

The internet can be a frustrating place to look for new information, and as a result, the majority of us spend our days scrolling through the same websites and social media feeds. 

The cure is the InternetIsBeautiful subreddit—a continually updated collection of fun and educational websites.

Male and Female Fashion Advice

How would you like to change your appearance? You’re moving to a new climate and need some advice on what to wear. Do you want to see if something is compatible with another item? If you’re looking for fashion advice, these two subreddits are great places to start.


Reddit is a specialized social media network that’s unlike any other you’ve used before. However, it can help you create relationships with potential or present consumers. If your consumers or fans are already on Reddit, you should indeed incorporate it into your marketing approach.

If you’re curious to know how to grow a subreddit, we recommend that Reddit ads should not be used as a substitute for actual, unpaid participation. Advertisements can be highly effective for certain users while being utterly useless for others. In some circumstances, organic postings outperform paid ones by a wide margin.

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