How To Find Your Writing Style

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Both the author and the reader can have a highly wonderful experience when they write. Writing becomes a natural outlet for one’s ideas and feelings at some point in one’s life because it just seems right. However, not everyone can write distinctly.

To build a distinct writing style and stand out from the crowd of authors, it takes a true master. Although there are about 281 thousand authors, writers, and editors in the United States, millions more create content as bloggers, journalists, or other types of writers.

The question now is, “How to find your writing style and become a sought-after author?” A little part of the solution can be found in sheer skill, but you must work hard to find your place in the literary spotlight.

How to Find Your Writing Style

Write Every Day

Only a tiny percentage of people are born with the capacity to write without ever needing to practice. Writing every day is the only way for the rest of them to improve their skills, establish their distinct style, and maintain a high level of productivity over time.

Mark Twain made it a habit to write three pages every morning. It was the first thing on his daily to-do list, and he stuck to it throughout his career.

You’ll gain new writing abilities and establish a style that’s authentic to your emotions, senses, and temperament if you’re consistent. The only way to become an original author is to devote a significant amount of time to it.

Benefits of Writing

Beware of Details

Is there anything that distinguishes the most successful authors from their less successful contemporaries? A poet, writer, essayist, or blogger must notice and convey even the most minor elements in their writing.

Best essayist Jake Gardner believes that anyone can write about general topics or situations: “Good writers, on the other hand, pay attention to specifics since they tend to give greater value to little details. They do this to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that accurately portrays a character’s mental state.”

As a general rule, avoid ambiguity and ambiguity. If you can find and share exciting parts in your work, your life will be more exciting.

Tweak Your Writing Style A Little

With the help of these tips, you can make your writing more interesting. If this is the case, you might wish to start by making a minor update to your report. This rule applies whether you’re writing a novel, a short tale, or a blog post.

Rather than disclosing everything all at once, the idea here should be to save a surprise for the end. As a result, you’ll be known as an author who knows how to pique people’s interests, and they’ll read your work with a genuine want to find out what happens next.

Use the Internet to Get Help

The fourth is more specialized, but it’s useful for authors stuck in a creative rut. There are some online resources accessible to assist you in developing your writing style. There are numerous useful tools available, but here are a few of the best:

It’s simple to remain on top of your regular writing goals with Draft’s daily writing goal reminders. The best essay writing websites can help you with anything from ideation to editing. It’s preferable if you utilize Evernote to scribble down great ideas as soon as they come to you.

Also, the Hemingway App provides several tools to assist authors in making their prose easier to understand.

Make Sure You Don’t Make Use of Cliches

We all know this, but there are still a lot of clichés in today’s literature. Cliches will not make you a better writer; instead, they will demonstrate that you haven’t worked hard enough and lack the ingenuity to develop a better term.

A few tools have already been suggested, but Cliché Finder deserves special attention. You can use it to go over your work and delete overused terms or phrases. It motivates you to think creatively and generate new ideas, much like a creative thinker would.

Be Truthful

Despite its simplicity, the final piece of advice on this list is likely the most important. You will never succeed as an author if you continuously replicate other authors’ work and employ the same content creation approaches.

It would help if you were upfront and honest about your own life experiences when writing. You have a distinct point of view on the world. The only question now is how to put it into words and create a unique piece of literature.

How To Find Your Writing Style

Types of Writing Styles

The four major writing styles are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. Each of these writing styles serves a function, and they are used correctly. A single piece of paper may include several different writing styles.


The essence of narrative writing is to tell a story about the experiences of a character. It may be a long tale or a little anecdote; it could span a long time or just a few seconds; it could be based on fact or fiction.

The most common aspects of storytelling are used in narrative writing, such as plot, character, setting, conflict, emotion, and a central message. The hero’s journey, rags-to-riches, and coming-of-age story motifs can all be employed to help shape your narrative writing.

There are numerous ways to tell a tale, but one constant is that the journey you take the reader on should have a beginning, middle, and end. If you want your character to have a start, a problem, and a resolution, you should even tell a story about a hilarious occurrence that happened to you yesterday.


In persuasive writing, it’s all about getting your message across. The goal is to persuade the reader to agree with you by conveying your opinions in a well-thought-out manner. A persuasive essay can be used for various purposes, including influencing public opinion and persuading individuals to give to a cause.

To persuade the reader to agree with you, you must present solid proof to back up your assertion.

When trying to persuade someone, it’s usually best to keep your emotions under check. Sharing a personal tale might help you create a convincing case, but if you go too far, you risk losing the reader’s attention.


The goal of descriptive writing is to capture the essence of what you’re writing about in all its glory. The goal is to immerse the reader in the event, making them feel like they are alongside the characters.

Writing in a descriptive style is similar to painting a picture. What can you say to bring the topic to life for the reader? Utilizing all five senses, including sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

The use of simile and metaphor may also be used to communicate a mood or sentiment that is difficult to convey through physical descriptions. Using this strategy, you can improve writing that connects with others emotionally.

When it comes to writing descriptively, Kathy Fish, a Skillshare instructor, believes it’s about more than just making your story seem reasonable. It accomplishes four objectives in one paragraph. As a result, the reader has a “felt experience” as a result of this.

If you include anything surprising or uncommon in your description, it will entice the reader to continue reading. This method can be used to convey your character’s internal state.


Expository writing is meant to explain or inform. The goal is to teach the reader something new. When writing an expository essay, consider the basic who, what, why, when, and how questions as your beginning point. It is critical to avoid using jargon or highly technical language in your writing to prevent misconceptions.

Approach an explanatory essay from a beginner’s standpoint to guarantee that your work is as informative as feasible. The most important thing to remember is to be objective and free of personal bias. Expository writing, unlike persuasive essays, does not require an angle or agenda.


Many people wrongly believe that persuasive and argumentative writing are the same thing. Don’t feel bad if you’re scratching your head. This is a common occurrence among teachers and members of the general population.

You may educate youngsters on writing persuasively while also teaching them how to do scientific research by creating and analyzing surveys.

According to the above source, writing such questionnaires or surveys and getting feedback from their peers is not only enjoyable for children, but it also promotes active learning and positive social involvement.

Types of Writing Styles

Benefits of Writing

Helps Convert Your Imagination to Story

There are many ways to put things into perspective besides writing every day, and writing is just one of them.

The act of writing fiction can also help you think about things from a new perspective. When you read about fictional events and situations, you will be able to draw comparisons to your own experiences. You’ll be able to see them in a more objective light as a result of this.

Creating a blog is also an excellent method to accomplish this. This will cause you to pause before putting pen to paper because others will read your work.

Readers Get Used to Your Writing Style 

If you have a writing style, readers get used to your writing, and they read blogs because they have an emotional attachment to the author. Those who have previously read your blog entries will recognize you, and those who haven’t will recognize your writing style when they see your guest post.

Switching from one blog to another won’t be a problem if you have a large following. Because they provide so much information and have so many writers. Some blogs, such as Mashable, are considered mega blogs. Others, such as Seth Godin’s, are dependent on a single person to succeed. Almost without exception, Seth Godin’s blog fans would follow him to a new site or blog.

Establishes A Pattern

Maintaining a consistent tone might be difficult with a large novel or a group of writers. If you spelled Jenny’s sister’s name “Jenny” at the start of the book, you might see her as “Jennie” in the last chapter.

Every writer has their own style, for example, one writer may love to use commas in his writing while another who has mastered the AP stylebook would avoid using them. If you read the works of notable writers, you will notice that they always follow the same pattern of writing.

If you wish to keep your brand’s integrity, you must eradicate these inconsistencies. Consistency is vital when it comes to demonstrating professionalism. Sloppy writing, like typos, can convey the appearance that you don’t take your work seriously.

Helps You Build Your Brain 

When you write, you’ll learn more about your field. There is scientific evidence that writing down information strengthens your memory and helps you retain it for extended periods! Depending on the subject matter, you may need to conduct some more research.

Analytical or problem-solving skills can be improved through writing. Learning to compose sentences quickly, express ideas, and experiment with the tone of voice can benefit children who write regularly. All of these skills are highly marketable in the industry.

Makes You More Productive

Writing stimulates your brain’s neurons and prepares them to face the remaining problems. Furthermore, writing down your tasks in precise language aids in their completion. According to research, writing down your goals increases your odds of achieving them significantly.

Relieves Stress

Handwriting is an excellent technique to calm down your thoughts, increase your awareness, and relax. Writing activates the same brain areas that are activated during meditation. Jumbled and unspoken ideas are frequently the source of our disappointments and anguish in our minds.

Writing about a traumatic occurrence has been shown to have higher therapeutic benefits than typing about the event. As a result of the event, there was an increase in self-disclosure. Mental health practitioners widely suggest writing by hand for individuals suffering from grief and anxiety.


Only a select few can build a distinct style and become widely regarded as exceptional authors. Your writing prowess must be honed if you want to distinguish yourself from other writers.

To help you learn how to find your writing style, we’ve shared a few basic techniques in this article! If you want to experiment with your writing, these aren’t the only approaches you can employ.

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