Welcome to a transformative journey of success, where we converted a challenge into an opportunity and propelled a SaaS Email Solution Company to new heights of digital prominence. This compelling case study unveils how our meticulously devised and executed SEO campaign enabled our client, henceforth referred to as the “SaaS Email Solution Company,” to rise above the fierce competition in the SaaS marketplace.

Amidst struggles with weak search visibility, low organic traffic, and underlying technical SEO issues, we harnessed the power of a comprehensive SEO strategy to turbocharge their online presence and attract a substantial influx of potential clients. Embark on this insightful journey with us, as we unfold the strategic steps we took, the obstacles we conquered, and the impressive results we achieved.

Boosting Email SaaS with a 150% Increase in Organic Traffic


The primary challenges faced by the SaaS Solution Email Company included:

  1. Lack of online visibility leading to insufficient organic traffic.
  2. An unoptimized website with numerous underlying technical SEO errors.
  3. Absence of a robust content strategy leading to ranking on no keywords and low customer engagement.


Our main objectives were:

  1. To increase organic traffic to the SaaS Email Solution Company’s website.
  2. Improve the website’s visibility in search engine results.
  3. Establish this SaaS Email Solution Company as an authority in its field by providing valuable content.


To achieve the outlined objectives, we concentrated our efforts on four main areas: SEO topical map generation, guest post and niche edits, creating EEAT-based blog content, and addressing technical SEO issues on the website.


SEO Topical Map Generation

To target relevant search queries effectively, we generated a topical map that acted as a semantic content plan. This map was a blueprint for the website’s content strategy, aligning pillars, subpillars, and keywords with the users’ search intent and the company’s product offerings.

Guest Post and Niche Edit Outreach

We orchestrated an extensive outreach campaign, securing 80 guest posts and 30 niche edits on highly relevant and high authority websites. These links helped establish domain authority and enhanced search visibility.

Content Creation

Based on the topical map, we produced 180 EEAT-based blog articles over the period of seven months(4-6 per week). These articles provided value to the readers, covering topics from email marketing best practices to software tutorials, thereby attracting more visitors and fostering user engagement.

Technical SEO Fixes

We conducted many technical SEO audits and rectified over 80 technical issues. This included improving page load speed, fixing broken links, optimizing metadata, and ensuring the website was mobile-friendly.

Unexpected Challenge and Solution

During our comprehensive SEO campaign for the SaaS Email Solution Provider, we encountered an unexpected and unique challenge. In the initial phase of our technical SEO audit, we discovered an alarming number of crawl errors. The issue was rooted in an intricate web of improperly configured redirects, which was causing search engine bots to get trapped in redirect loops. This unexpected issue was harming the website’s crawl budget, and if left unresolved, it could severely impact the website’s visibility on search engine results.

Understanding the critical nature of this problem, we immediately prioritized its resolution. Our team dove into the complex labyrinth of the website’s redirect structure. After several rounds of painstaking examination, we managed to untangle the web of faulty redirects. We created a more streamlined and SEO-friendly redirect structure, ensuring that all redirects were correctly leading to their intended destinations without creating loops.

Once this issue was resolved, we observed a noticeable improvement in the crawl efficiency of search engine bots. This helped the website’s essential pages to be indexed more quickly and accurately, contributing significantly to the remarkable 150% increase in organic traffic.

This challenge underscored the importance of an in-depth technical SEO audit and served as a potent reminder that even seemingly small technical issues can have a significant impact on a website’s SEO performance. It also emphasized the need for constant vigilance and the willingness to swiftly respond and adapt to unexpected challenges that may arise during an SEO campaign.


The multi-faceted SEO approach over seven months resulted in a substantial increase in the SaaS Email Solution Company’s online visibility, user engagement, and organic traffic. A combined 150% increase in organic traffic(from 80 to 200 visitors per day) was observed, attributed to the link building, optimized blog content, and remedied technical SEO issues. The topical map ensured the website content was thoroughly relevant, leading to improved search engine rankings.

User engagement on the site improved markedly, with a 35% increase in average session duration and a 30% decrease in bounce rate. Most importantly, these positive changes translated into a higher conversion rate, with a 40% increase in free trial sign-ups and a subsequent 20% boost in paid subscriptions.

SEO Case Study Strengthening Digital Presence for a SaaS Email Solution Company


This case study demonstrates how a robust, well-planned, and executed SEO strategy can significantly improve a SaaS company’s online visibility, user engagement, and conversion rates. By leveraging topical mapping, acquiring quality backlinks, creating engaging blog content, and addressing technical SEO issues, a SaaS business can significantly enhance its online presence and lead generation. This case study serves as a roadmap for other SaaS companies looking to improve their online visibility and attract more potential clients.