This company is an eCommerce business offering delivery for specific types of food.


Their website wasn’t optimized for SEO at all. It had many issues with thin and duplicate content. Almost all of the meta tags needed rewriting.

The structure of the website needed reworking and their collection pages needed a little bit of content.


We have been publishing 4 articles per month.

We have been building 2 high-quality backlinks per month.

Obviously, this project was not a big one. The business owners had limited funds because they were running ads, too. They also wanted to just test the waters with SEO.

Technical SEO

We use Sitebulb for analyzing the technical issues on any website. We have analyzed this one and we found many issues, which is normal with any website that wasn’t taken care of.

We found broken links here and there. We found duplicate H1s. We found issues with meta titles and descriptions where mostly they were non existent.

Broken Links

Broken links can hurt the UX and authority flow. Luckily, this is an easy win. We have removed some and we have replaced others with better ones.

Noindexing Unnecessary Pages

There were many pages that were created by the owners for random reasons. Most of them were bloating the index and they weren’t serving any purpose, so we have noindexed many of them.

On Page Optimization

Internal Linking

We have increased the number of internal links. This has sped up the process of indexing and crawling. The authority was flowing freely throughout the whole website.

Image Optimization

The images that they originally uploaded throughout the website were not optimized for SEO or UX. We have optimized all of them and finally, we have compressed them so that they are not large in size. We need the pages to load fast, and images can take up a big part of the page size if they are not compressed.

Featured Snippets

We won 40 featured snippets. This was intentionally done by writing the blog posts in a way that answers the main question properly so that Google can show it in this section in the Search.


  • 100% Increase in Organic Sales: from $21,000 to $41,900
  • 250% Increase in Organic Traffic: from 80 to 250 organic visitors per day
  • 40% Increase in Organic Visibility: from 6300 to 8700 ranked organic keywords