Cloudficient provides cloud solutions that support organizational transformation for their customers.


They wanted to rank on page 1 with their target page that’s an ultimate guide for Email Archiving to increase awareness about their solutions.

Before we start working on the link building campaign, we have created a topical map. More than 100 blog posts were published throughout the campaign.


Because we worked on their link building campaign, our options were limited. We had to do our best to achieve what we have achieved.

We focused on high-quality backlinks, but that sounds cliché. Everyone is saying the same. What does high-quality backlink means?

We have strict criteria when choosing websites where we place the links.

  • Organic traffic: This one is very important. If Google doesn’t favor the website and it’s not sending traffic, that means it’s not a good website to place your links on. We aim for at least 1,000 organic traffic to their domain.
  • Relevance: Also very important factor. The relevance can be measured in two ways. Overall domain relevance and relevance in the page where the link will be placed. If we can achieve both, that’s great, it’s a win-win situation. If we can’t, at least we try to achieve page-level relevance. However, if we can’t achieve one or another, one must not be IRRELEVANT. We can go with broader niche websites but we never place links on irrelevant domains.
  • Link farms: We stay away from link farms. We have many factors for determining link farms. This is a big NO.
  • Traffic by location: We only place links on domains that receive traffic from tier 1 countries. This way, we eliminate bad-quality websites.
  • Ranked keywords: We analyze the keywords that each domain is ranking on. Here, we can really tell what’s the website about as it may have 100 pages about X topic, but if it ranks highest with 10 pages on Y topic, then it might not be that relevant.


  • 1,460% Increase in Organic Traffic: From 20 to 300+ organic visitors per day
  • 340% Increase in Organic Visibility: From 50 to 220+ ranked organic keywords


“The team at CLICKVISION has elevated our online presence through their expertise in organic search optimization. With their strategic approach and dedication, our website’s visibility has surged, resulting in tangible improvements in search engine rankings and traffic.

They have supported us with multiple Topical Maps, written blog articles and assisted with backlink creation, all of which have directly impacted our organic performance and improved our SERP rankings. With the work done by CLICKVISION, for the top keywords that we are focusing on, our average position in organic search has increased drastically.” – Shelley Bougnague