This company is in the industrial niche and offers automation solutions for cannabis companies. It’s a B2B type of business model. Their average product value is around $100,000.

We have been working with this company for 6 months now.


There were many challenges with this project.

First of all, their website was almost like a brand new. They haven’t got any links, nor the website had even basic SEO optimizations.

The website wasn’t active. It didn’t have a blog section or product pages.


Our strategy here was simple. High-quality backlinks and topical authority.

We have achieved the state of topical authority very fast. That’s because we have been publishing 30,000 words of content and we have been acquiring around 8 high-quality backlinks each month.

As we published new content, we included new internal links in the older blog posts to increase crawlability and speed up indexing.

Featured Snippet

The content we have been publishing was favored by Google.

We won featured snippets on 47 keywords. This means we are placed above all search results.


  • 1,150% Increase in Organic Traffic: From 30 to 400 organic visitors per day
  • 1,711% Increase in Organic Visibility: From 109 to 1,975 ranked organic keywords