How To Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

Dimitar Talevski October 18, 2021

Bulk emails can help you reach out to thousands of customers in a short period of time. Such types of campaigns are easy to plan and execute, and they can provide amazing results. They can help you boost sales and develop good relationships with customers. But you will get results only if your emails land in the inbox of the recipients.

If your emails are constantly marked as spam, your campaign won’t be successful. In this article, we will discuss how to send bulk email without spamming. But before that, let’s talk about the reasons why your emails land in the spam folder of recipients. 

3 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Going To The Spam Folder

Your Subscribers Don’t Remember Who You Are

If a subscriber reports your email, it will be recorded as spam, even if it is full of information. When the spam reports hit a certain number, all your future emails will go directly into the spam folder. 

Well, if someone doesn’t remember signing up for your newsletter, he may flag your email as spam. To stop this from happening, you should mention your brand name or add your brand logo in the email. 

Low Engagement Rates

Email clients will check your engagement rate before making spam filtering decisions. If most subscribers don’t open your emails or delete them, the risk of getting flagged as spam will increase. One of the best ways of improving engagement rates is including great subject lines. 

Sending Emails Without Permission

Did you buy a list of email addresses from a shady guy on the internet? If yes, you must be sending emails without getting permission from the recipient. In such a case, your campaign is likely to suffer. 

You will have to get permission to send emails to people. You can do that by adding an opt-in form to your website/page, and people who are interested in your services will come to you. There is no point in sending emails to random people, as not all of them would be interested in buying your products. 

Well, these are some reasons why your emails are ending up in the spam folder. Now, let’s see how you can send bulk emails effectively.

Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

How To Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

Keep Your Email List Fresh

It’s important to remove unengaged subscribers from your email list, and you should do it regularly. You are likely to get the desired results if your list has valid data. But before removing inactive subscribers, you should run a win-back or re-engagement campaign. 

You should send one last email to inactive subscribers before removing them. You can ask them if they are still interested in hearing from you and wait for a response. If they don’t respond, you can delete their name and move on. 

You should also make sure that there aren’t any duplicate entries on the list. Sending the same email multiple times to a subscriber won’t help you in any way, and the subscriber can also get frustrated in such a case. 

Don’t Add Misleading Subject Lines

You should never mislead your subscribers with subject lines. It’s easy to hook a subscriber this way, but it won’t get you the desired results. Also, your future emails will most likely land in the spam folder if you do something like that. 

Such a shady marketing practice can affect the reputation of your business, and you won’t be able to build trust. Certain words alert spam filters, and you should avoid using them in the subject lines. Words such as ‘Free’, ‘Get 100% Off’, ‘Earn XX Dollars’, and ‘Limited Time’ can trigger the spam filters.

Don’t Send Image-Only Emails

Spammers often add spam text to images, as filters can’t read them. Such strategies used to work in earlier times, but things have changed now. Spam filters often send image-only emails to the spam folder even if they don’t mislead the subscribers. The best option is to use a combination of both (text + images).

Make Your Emails Look Professional - Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

Make Your Emails Look Professional

Many people don’t know the importance of email design. If your email content looks professional, people will be interested in reading it, and they may end up buying your services. Such emails are unlikely to end up in the spam folder. 

You should keep an eye on the design of the email. Also, you should avoid spelling mistakes while writing it. Moreover, you should verify the links before adding them to the final copy, as suspicious links can trigger spam filters

Add An Unsubscribe Button

You should always add an unsubscribe button, and it should be clearly visible to recipients. If someone can’t find the unsubscribe button, he may report your email. Many people hide it between sentences and pay the price. The best option is to put it in the footer of the email. It should be there even if you send informative and high-quality emails. 

Run Spam Tests Before Sending Emails

Running a spam test can help you avoid problems. You can send an email to your coworkers or family members to know if it will pass through the spam filters. You should follow this step even if you are confident about your emails.  

Well, these are some tips that you can follow to send bulk email without spamming. All these tips are tried and tested, so you shouldn’t doubt their effectiveness. If you want your campaign to be successful, you will have to plan your every move carefully. 


Sending bulk emails can be beneficial for your business, but it will be a waste of time if you don’t do the job effectively. Keeping your emails out of the spam folder of recipients should be your first priority. 

We hope you liked this article and understood how to send bulk email without spamming. You should avoid the mistakes that we have mentioned in this article, and you should also follow the tips that we have shared to run your campaign smoothly. A solid email marketing strategy can take your business to new heights. 

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