Google Ads

Google Ads(previously Google Adwords) is the old school player here. Everyone is searching and surfing on the internet and if you want to reach your potential customers – Google Ads is your best place.

Facebook Ads

Social media have proven to be good place to advertise to – depending on your business type. However, Facebook did some changes before few years and now, in your favor, their network please the advertisers more.

Twitter Ads

Another great social media network which have their advertising network. You can promote your tweets or just run Twitter ad campaigns. The audience is pretty much diversified and that’s great.

LinkedIn Ads

Focused on business, LinkedIn is one of the best places for B2B marketing. You just need to have a definite goal and you can easily connect yourself with like-minded professionals within your niche. Your exposure to other businesses is guaranteed.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is also an old search engine but their users are not the same like Google’s users. If your business matches the Bing users, the outcome will be amazing.

Instagram Ads

Great network to start advertising to. The younger population is almost all the time checking the Instagram application. Quite different approach is needed because of the audience, but it’s converting really good.

Reddit Ads

Reddit. The most specific place to run ads. Why? Because of the notorious anti-marketing audience. But if you know your niche and find suitable subreddits – it can be highly profitable.

YouTube Ads

Sometimes, running a display ads or search ads won’t be enough. The best place to promote your pictures in motion is YouTube. Although YouTube Ads is different from the traditional PPC campaign, it is highly recommended to have it running.

Pinterest Ads

The bigger part of the audience is female. That data can be used to promote your business or product in a way that will attract the female population. The platform itself is different than everyone else. 98% of the audience on Pinterest have tried something new in their lives because of the platform so it’s basically a platform of discovery.


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