How To Improve Writing Flow

Dimitar Talevski September 22, 2021

Professional writers know the importance of writing flow. Well-written papers and articles are easy to understand for readers, and people can read them fast. Creating flow is easy for experienced writers, but new writers can face issues in this field. 

If you don’t know how to make sentences flow better, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to improve writing flow. We will share some tips that will help you make your content easy to read and understand.

How To Improve Writing Flow

Plan Your Content

Before writing an article or paper, you should plan your content. You should think about the key points you want to cover in the article and note them down. If you forget to mention something important while writing, it will be hard to fit it into the article once it’s finished. The structure of the article can be disturbed this way, which is something you wouldn’t want. If you plan your content, you will be able to write everything in a logical order. 

Planning your content will also help you keep the structure good in terms of length. You can set word limits for each section. If you know what to write next, you will be able to wrap things up properly in each section. 

Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph, and it helps the reader get an idea about the focus of the section. If the reader is interested in learning about the topic, he will read the entire paragraph/section carefully. On the other hand, if he isn’t interested, he can skip it and move forward to the next section. 

Did you notice how we used a topic sentence for the paragraph written above? In the first sentence, we discussed the meaning of the term, and then we discussed how it helps readers.

How To Improve Writing Flow

Logical Connections

In each article, you should connect different sections in a logical order. If you are writing an article about the benefits of protein supplements, you should first discuss how it helps people who work out and people who don’t. In the next section, you can talk about the different types of protein supplements available on the market, and then you can discuss the best ways to consume them. But what if you start talking about the best clothes to wear while working out? It wouldn’t make any sense, and readers won’t like the article. 

For readers, unconnected ideas act as roadblocks that nobody likes. You should arrange different sections in an article in an organized way. It will make the article smooth for readers, and they will appreciate your efforts. 


Many people don’t know that transitions act as bridges between sentences. They help people move from one sentence to the next smoothly, just like a bridge takes people from one side of the road to the other. In simple words, transitions create flow by linking sentences, and they also make things easier for readers. You can create transitions in many ways, but you shouldn’t force them in your article. The article should look natural, and the forced use of a word will not help you achieve that goal. 

You can use words like additionally, moreover, furthermore, but, and however at the beginning of a sentence to link it with the previous sentence. This way, you can divide a long sentence into two small ones. 

Vary Sentence Length

Short sentences look great. They are easy to read. But they shouldn’t be grouped together. Readers won’t like it. We grouped four short sentences together, and you can see how bad it looks. The same will be the case if you group long sentences together. It will be hard for readers to understand everything, and they may switch to another article, which is the last thing you would want. 

You should vary the sentence length while writing an article. A paragraph should be a combination of a few small and long sentences. This way, you can make the article interesting for readers. 

Paragraph Length

Just like sentence length, paragraph length also plays an important role. You can write small paragraphs if you want, but they shouldn’t be grouped together. You should try to mix things up while writing. 

Most webmasters try to make their sites mobile-friendly these days, as the number of smartphone users is increasing. Mobile users may not like paragraphs that are too long. If you keep varying the paragraph length throughout the article, readers won’t face any issues. 

Improve Writing Flow Fast

Avoid Repetition

Avoiding repetition is important while writing an article. Repetitive phrases can kill the flow of your article. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t write a phrase more than once in an article. If the word length of your article is 5000, writing a phrase two to three times won’t hurt you in any way. But if you are writing a 300-word blog post, things will be different. Readers will notice the repetitive phrase, and they won’t like it. You can use synonyms to avoid such mistakes. 

Identify The Writing Problems You Are Facing

Identifying the problem is the most important step. You should analyze a few of your articles and try to find mistakes in them. Finding grammatical mistakes won’t be enough, as the structure is our first priority here. To do this part easily and effectively, you will need good proofreading skills. 

Well, these are some tips that you can follow to improve your writing skills. Now that you know how to improve writing flow, it will be easy for you to write well-structured articles. 


We hope you liked this article and understood how to make sentences flow better. As a writer, you should try to make your article easy to read. Many people try to use words that sound fancy, but what’s the point of using them if readers have to find their meaning on Google. If you follow your natural writing style and keep these tips in mind, readers will love your articles. 

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