How to Target Home Buyers on Facebook

Dimitar Talevski December 3, 2021

The use of Facebook by real estate agents and brokers can be an effective way to generate new clients and sales leads. I can see why you’d be concerned. More than half of Facebook’s billions of active monthly users go on to the site every day, and many spend more than 700 minutes a month there. So it makes sense that Facebook ad spending has increased by 122% in the last year.

Real estate agents and brokers should create a strong presence on Facebook by routinely updating their business’s Facebook page and targeting Facebook users interested in purchasing a home. You may use Facebook advertising for real estate to enhance your content, putting it in front of hundreds of millions of targeted Homebuyers on Facebook who may become future leads and clients.

Facebook advertising for real estate can be overwhelming and complex, from where to put up your ad to how much you should spend to Target Homebuyers on Facebook. This post will show you how to target home buyers on Facebook based on your business’s advertising goals.

Tips For Targeting Home Buyers Using Facebook Ads

How to Target Home Buyers on Facebook

Consider a Variety of Demographic 

Facebook will ask you to select your target audience’s location, age, and gender when you begin creating an ad. We strongly advise against using only these three options as a method of targeting. It will vastly increase the size of your audience. Even so, you shouldn’t dismiss them. Keep your eye on the prize, but don’t neglect the basics.

Facebook offers free training on how to use its targeting options for businesses. They have a wide range of advertising courses, including several foundational courses that will help you get started. For each ad you create, narrow down all three of the primary fields. For audience targeting, this should be your first step. Even if your product is suitable for anyone between 18 and 65, you shouldn’t use the same ad to target them all. Ads that are too broad set you up for failure every time.

People should be targeted based on their income level

Do you sell a high-end product frequently purchased by customers who earn more than $100,000 per year? Are you looking for a broke college student as your ideal customer? Your adverts must target the same demographic as your business or product if you want them to be effective. You can target customers based on 30 distinct financial behaviors on Facebook. Make sure your ad gets seen by individuals who can and are willing to buy your product by using this method.

For example, you can target by income or net worth in the Demographics section. Now you would be wondering, how does Facebook know how much money its users have? They don’t, they just approximate. Their approximation comes from a slew of third-party datasets paired with broad demographics and household information that they already have. It won’t be perfect for everyone, but neither does it have to be perfect for everyone. Targeting by income will still be more effective than attempting to reach all of the potential customers.

Target Home Ownership

Using Facebook, you can target people based on their homeownership status. If they’re a first-time house buyer, you can limit it down even further. Knowing whether someone is renting or owning a home can benefit businesses providing insurance, large appliances, home-care services, and various other services.

Target Home Ownership - How to Target Home Buyers on Facebook Ads

Target People Based On Location

Although many real estate pros would advise you to make your ad location as broad as possible, targeting niche markets where your customers are focused can be very effective. You can reach out to a large portion of your audience who might be interested in your property.

When you choose a broader geography range, you risk showing your ad to people who have a minimal probability of becoming your customer. As a result, it’s advantageous to become considerably more concentrated on your desired place when you can target your ad to people in your immediate neighborhood. A vacation or investment house market, where your ultimate clients live elsewhere, would be an exception.

Target Lookalike Audiences

Every year, Facebook adds new features aimed at better targeting its users. One such feature is the Lookalike Audience. Using this feature, you may develop a customized campaign based on the interests and behaviors of your customers who have already bought homes through your ads, which has shown to be a successful strategy in the past. The result is a campaign aimed at attracting new customers who share the characteristics of your current customers.

Tips For Targeting Home Buyers Using Facebook Ads

Use Testimonials and Reviews in Your Ads Creative

This is the best way you can build trust in your advertisements. This is done by allowing your satisfied consumers to speak for themselves. It’s simple to boast about your accomplishments, but it’s only sincere when it comes from someone who isn’t biased. Customers’ testimonials and reviews play an essential role in this process. It would help if you showed off in your ad creative how much others enjoy working with you when introducing your ad to new individuals.

Use Attractive Graphics in Your Ad

You should be aware that the real estate business is heavily reliant on visuals. Your ad can only be effective to people if you use images and videos that convey the whole meaning of your ad. Remember, there are only a few seconds in which you can get someone’s attention. After that, they move on. Visuals that pique the interest of a target audience are more likely to draw them in. There are a plethora of possible formats for visuals. Think about what would make your audience squeal with joy. Be original and don’t replicate other people’s advertisements.

Use Video To Show The Property

Videos in real estate listing advertisements weren’t common only a year ago. However, after the pandemic, it become the norm rather than the exception.

Before the epidemic, people considering buying a house would go to open houses and see what was on the market. In essence, Facebook ads served as teasers to get the word out about an agent’s services and persuade potential clients to visit a physical location for a showing. When a house is advertised on Facebook, buyers don’t expect to view every inch of the property.

However, homeowners have become more selective when it comes to in-person attendance as a result of the pandemic. Unless they believe they have an excellent chance of making an offer on the property, they won’t even look at it. Videos are a great way to get a sense of what it’s like to be there in person. If you don’t have video, you risk a potential buyer not recognizing enough value in the property and deciding to go on.

How to Target Home Buyers on Facebook Ads

Test Different Ads

You may be an expert in using Facebook advertisements to reach the correct audience. Even so, it will always get better with testing. Shouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity to acquire more high-value clients in less time and money? To encourage experimentation, Facebook has implemented a system. It’s possible to run two separate commercials with smaller costs.

Create Informative Ad Copy and Urgency

Renters and home buyers aren’t searching for homes with superhuman abilities. Their primary concerns are obtaining the most up-to-date details and images of the property.

As you can see, they made good use of the text area by grouping related information together with emojis. A 3D virtual tour was also included at the end as a call to action. People won’t take action until you direct them to do so, which is equally critical. Your click-through rate will rise, and your real estate Facebook ads will be more effective if you include a call to action at the end of your message.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Your ideal real estate Facebook ad must have a precise aim, no matter what form of campaign you’re running. You should be able to tell someone exactly what you want them to do in a few seconds. It should be a cinch to accomplish this.

Every ad you create should include a clear call-to-action (CTA). In the end, the goal of advertising is to compel viewers to take action. You must, however, be very clear about the next move you want people to take. You should not confuse your customers by adding many calls to action. And don’t make it any longer than necessary.

Marketing research firm Unbounce revealed that 90% of individuals who read your ad title also read your call-to-action. And according to Hubspot, a marketing software business, 42 percent more people click on a CTA that appears to be personalized.

Personalized doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re referring to someone by their first and last name. Facebook allows us to go quite personally with our CTAs if they address a specific person’s needs, values, etc.


To reach the right audience for your Real Estate property listings, Facebook advertisements can be an effective marketing tool. You can ensure that those potential customers become paying customers by using Facebook Ads. If you’re having problems using Facebook ads for your service, we recommend Facebook’s free courses from which real estate agents can learn how to target home buyers on Facebook.

It doesn’t have to be an exhausting and scary effort for real estate brokers that use Facebook advertising. Have some fun with these ideas, and watch your items sell quickly!

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