As an eBook ghostwriting services provider, we can assist you with everything from complex product manuals to extensive product guides for bloggers and lifestyle gurus who want to share their knowledge of a subject they’re passionate about.

No one wants to do things the old way in this day and age of digitalization when people are always busy, and everything is possible online. Many people prefer to read their books online rather than at the local library or purchase a copy in the modern world. Instead, they choose to buy or subscribe to eBooks, which saves them a lot of time and money while also giving them the convenience of having it available at all times.

Our agency writers have compiled a list of expert ghostwriters who have a track record of producing the best eBooks on the internet for big companies. To complete your eBook on time and to the highest possible standard, you can rely on our author team.

Why You Need eBook Ghostwriting Services

Invest More Time in Your Primary Purpose

A ghostwriter can free up your time so you can focus on the most critical aspects of your job. Working with ghostwriting services or subcontractors frees up time that you would otherwise spend brainstorming, researching, and writing. Despite the additional cost, your investment in a ghostwriter will result in high-quality writing and efficient use of everyone’s time.

How Does The Ebook Ghostwriting Process Work

Improve Quality

A good eBook writing service can be relied on to deliver high-quality results. They go above and beyond to ensure the quality of their eBooks because they have extensive experience researching and creating eBooks. Editors and researchers thoroughly vet every piece of information they publish, adhering to strict guidelines and regulations. These companies can ghostwrite eBooks as well as blogs.

Ebooks must go through all of these experts’ protocols to be accepted. Even if a writer is exceptionally gifted, they cannot guarantee success. Furthermore, your writing will assist you in establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Lower Your Marketing Costs

Businesses that outsource their eBook authoring to a service like ours can save an average of 36%. If you hire an in-house eBook writer, you are solely responsible for payroll taxes and benefits. If you hire a competent content writing company, you can tailor your marketing strategy to your budget, size, and needs.

Depending on the eBook writing service you choose, you can pay by the piece of content, the hour, or the word. Higher fees for words, typically between 1 and 10 cents, may be required for special projects or highly technical material.

Educate Your Audience

As a writer, you can use eBooks to effectively and efficiently teach your audience. Our authors can assist you in educating your customers and answering their questions. Our eBook writing services are an excellent way to position your company’s products and services as a solution to your customers’ problems without resorting to aggressive sales tactics.

Why You Need Ebook Ghostwriting Services

How We Are Different Than Other eBook Ghostwriting Services

What if you could get your ideas published without having to lift a finger? We have a team of ghostwriters who can assist you! Listen to your idea, structure it, put pen to paper, and deliver the results you seek. Our eBook writers are here to make the process as easy for you as possible!

Structured eBook 

You’ll need more than just an excellent writer to get the job done. There is much more to creating an eBook than simply writing a blog post. Our team of professional writers is dedicated to assisting you in meeting your business objectives and generating leads.

We assist our clients in increasing their authority, creating powerful content for their target audience to increase sales, and delivering high-quality eBooks that are correctly formatted. As a result, our writers understand how to structure eBook content to capture readers’ attention and promote the company’s voice.

A Personal Approach

Because each project is unique, we offer a tailored approach at our firm. With our premium service, you’ll be assigned a dedicated ghostwriter who will communicate with you throughout the process. Our professional ghostwriting services are available for any project you can think of, including children’s books, memoirs, histories, and business books.

Quality Research

Building a full-fledged eBook from a single theme or concept necessitates creative and research abilities. Our eBook Writers are supported by a team of expert researchers who go above and beyond to find and bring back the most helpful information for creating a helpful eBook.

100% Original and Unique Content

You can be confident that all of the eBooks you receive from us are unique, have been double-checked for plagiarism, and have references to reliable sources correctly referenced. Rather than simply rewriting what is already there, we work with you to create something unique. As a result, you have a competitive advantage.

Why do businesses need Ebook Ghost

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghostwriting Illegal?

No. Ghostwriting is legal all over the world. If an author or writer lacks the creative ability or time to complete a full-length book, they can use this service to have their book written, edited, and formatted. It is legal because ghostwriting is similar to renting a space and then reselling it for profit. If you can’t express yourself well, it’s OK to collaborate with someone who can.

Do You Help with eBook Design?

That is correct. Talented designers are on hand to ensure that all of our products meet the highest quality standards. Your eBooks will contain eye-catching images, illustrations, and infographics that are color-coded to match your brand or story theme. The design of your book’s front and back covers and its overall layout are all handled by us.

Are Your Services Confidential?

If your ghostwriter is inexperienced, they may reveal confidential information about your project to gain new clients at your expense. We treat everything you tell us in a discreet manner, and any manuscripts you send us are strictly confidential. We adhere to the industry’s highest writing and publishing standards, so you can rest assured that no passages from your book will be used anywhere without your permission.