How many people visit your website every day? How many visitors buy something on your site? Do most people leave your site without buying anything? If you aren’t happy with the answer, it means your conversion rate isn’t good, and you need to improve it.

If you don’t know how to increase conversion rate, you have come to the right place. We offer conversion rate optimization services, and we can help you achieve your goals. We have years of experience in the field, and we can help you increase sales. You can hire us, and we will take care of everything for you. But first, let’s discuss the reasons why you need CRO services.

Homepage Optimization

Your homepage is the first page where your visitors come. You probably want to get maximum out of the traffic you have and that’s why you need Homepage Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO). There are many factors which affect the conversion rate. CTAs, images, headline or phrases you have picked, everything stacks up and the end result is your current conversion rate. With proper optimization you can expect huge increases – which is why you are going to choose us.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is the final page before conversion or before bouncing back and never coming back again. Choose wisely what are you going to have in you landing page or better – get your landing page optimized.

Mobile Apps Optimization

Today, everything is in our mobile. Whether it’s a food delivery app or a fitness tracker, everything is done in our phones. So, you have your app published and you have many users but you are not happy with the results. Why that happens? Probably because it’s not optimized or not even tested how the users react. Having your mobile app tracked and optimized will surely satisfy your users and you will be happy too.

Product Pages Optimization

Product pages should inform the visitors about your product but let’s say you have lengthy paragraphs with wordy sentences. Yes, they do the job theoretically, but they are boring and people are just skipping them and leaving them with neutral impression. 99% of the times this results in losing the potential buyers. If you have your product pages optimized you will get the most out of your traffic, which means more money saved and more money earned. Double win!

Checkout Pages Optimization

Checkout pages should be clean, concise and focused on making the people purchase the product. The less is more. If people are already on the checkout page, they don’t need to be decided to buy – they are already decided, they just need to do the final step and they won’t do it if the checkout page is stuffed, messy and spammy.

Reasons Why You Need Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Increasing PPC Costs

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best options for a business owner, but it’s important to know that its cost is increasing with time. Small businesses can get some attention in the online world by following the right strategy, but getting attention isn’t the only important part. If you fail to convert the clicks into sales, you won’t get the desired results.

Most small business owners have a fixed budget for marketing, and they should try to get the most out of their investment. Conversion rate optimization can help you convert those clicks into sales, and your ROI (return on investment) will improve.

The same is the case with other digital marketing options. Their cost is also increasing, and traffic is becoming more and more expensive. If someone is visiting your website, you should try your best to convert him into a customer.

Increase in Online Competition

If you are the only person who sells a particular product in your locality, you won’t have to worry about competition, as most people will come to you to buy the product. People will have to choose you or travel a long distance to find other options. But things are different in the online world, as people can find hundreds of options in seconds sitting on their couches. The competition is increasing, as a lot of people take their business online every year.

If you want to convert visitors into customers, you will have to take the necessary action. Conversion rate optimization can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. If your website is easy to use, and you pay importance to call to action (CTA), visitors may end up buying your product or signing up for a newsletter. However, if people can’t quickly find out what they need, they may leave the site and start looking for other options.

If you don’t invest in conversion rate optimization, it will be challenging for you to outmatch your competition. You will have to be competitive to stay on the stop.

A large number of business owners have generated profits while working with a CRO agency, and their brands have reached new heights. Let’s discuss the advantages of conversion rate optimization.


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    Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimization

    It Will Improve The Layout of Your Website

    If your website is easy to navigate, and people can easily make a purchase on it, they will love their experience. CRO can help you achieve this goal. Once the job is done, your page will make more sense to customers, and they won’t face any issues on the site. A website redesign may not be necessary for you; however, making a few improvements can prove helpful.

    Get More Customers

    Why do people get their businesses online? Well, they can enjoy several benefits by doing it, but their primary goal is to get more customers. If 100 people visit your website (online store) every day, but nobody makes a purchase, you won’t be able to take your business to new heights. Yes, visitors can help you increase brand awareness, but getting customers is the most important thing. This is where conversion rate optimization comes into play. You can encourage people to take action when they are on your site. If you follow the right strategy, you can convert these visitors into customers.

    Generate Profit

    Profit = Revenue – Cost

    How can I make a profit when I have to spend extra money to hire a CRO company? Well, conversion rate optimization can help you increase sales, which means you will end up making a profit in the long run.

    If 100 people visit your website and 10 people buy your product, it means your conversion rate is 10%. In such a case, your total profit will be equal to margin*10. But if you hire an agency, and they help you increase the conversion rate to 20%, your total profit will increase. Your advertising and fixed costs won’t increase when the conversion rate increases. Your customer acquisition costs will also decrease in such a case. When you make a profit, you can easily invest more money in marketing campaigns. 

    It’s Easy Track Your Progress

    You can never make an effective strategy if you can’t track your progress. When we talk about CRO, it’s easy to track your progress. You can easily check if your conversion rate has improved or not. You can do the job yourself or ask the company to give you a detailed report.

    It’s Easy to Spot Issues

    If you aren’t getting the desired results, it means there is an issue in your strategy or execution. Well, you can easily spot the problem and fix it without changing the entire strategy. If there is an issue on your homepage, you can fix that, and you won’t have to touch other pages. In the same way, if the page length isn’t right or the text isn’t appealing, you can address the problem quickly.

    Google Will Love Your Site

    User experience has become an important part of everyone’s SEO strategy. If people love their experience on the site and get what they were looking for, your search engine rankings may improve. On the other hand, if a lot of people leave your site without buying anything, your search engine rankings may get affected. In such a case, people will head back to Google and search for the product again, and your competitors may get the upper hand.

    Fast Results

    Search engine optimization (SEO) can take months to show results, but this isn’t the case with conversion rate optimization. Once the changes are made, they will go live, and your existing customers will feel the difference. However, it doesn’t mean you can stop working after making a few changes. You will have to keep making improvements to stay at the top.

    Good ROI

    A business owner has to spend money on many things, but not all of them offer a good return on investment. Well, things are different when we talk about CRO, as it usually offers a high ROI. If you hire an agency and pay them $2,000 to do the job, you can easily earn a larger amount in the future. As mentioned above, CRO can help you increase sales, so you shouldn’t worry about ROI.

    Well, these are the major advantages of conversion rate optimization. If you have a solid plan and execute it effectively, you can get amazing results. You can hire an agency for conversion rate optimization services, and the team will help you grow.

    Why Should I Hire a CRO Agency? Can’t I Do Everything Myself?

    As a business owner, you will have to take care of several important things, but your top priority should be offering quality to customers. You should focus on improving the quality of your product/services, and you should also try to interact with your customers and offer them what they want. You can learn conversion rate optimization, but it will be a time-consuming process, and time is valuable for every business owner. Moreover, you won’t become an expert overnight, and it will be challenging for you to understand when and how to start.

    You should know that professional CRO help is irreplaceable. A genuine CRO agency will bring experience and skills to the table, and they will help you save time, money, and energy. Yes, you will have to pay them, but they will help you follow the right direction, and you won’t have to waste money on low-impact and directionless testing plans. They will create an effective strategy after analyzing your current situation, and they can also help you get fast results.

    While working with a CRO agency, you can get a second opinion anytime you need. The team will guide you in every step and make the process easier for you. However, you will get results only if you hire a reliable agency.

    Not all CRO agencies are trustworthy, and you should stay careful while choosing an option. In the next section, we will discuss the important factors you should consider before signing an agreement with an agency.

    Why Should I Hire a CRO Agency? Can’t I Do Everything Myself?

    How to Choose The Right Conversion Rate Optimization Agency?

    Be Clear About Your Needs

    You should try to build a strong and long-term relationship with the company you choose, but it won’t be possible if you aren’t clear about your requirements. Before making a decision, you should schedule a meeting with your staff members and discuss every important detail. You should be clear about your needs, and to make a wise decision, you will have to analyze your current situation. By the end of the session, you should know what you and your business need.

    Once you have clarity, you should visit the company’s official site and check the list of offered services and available packages. Some companies offer multiple services such as CRO, SEO, digital marketing, and web development, and they can fulfill all your needs. After checking such details, you should schedule a meeting with the company and discuss your requirements. If you find them suitable, you can make the deal final and start working with them.

    Company Reputation

    Reputation is an important factor to consider because not all CRO companies are trustworthy. Many agencies specialize in digital marketing, and they add CRO and some other services to their site just to attract more clients. Working with such a company won’t be a good idea, as it won’t offer the level of quality you need. You should choose a company that has one or more CRO specialists in the team. For every service mentioned on the site, there should be a specialist in the team.

    You should check the client reviews on the agency’s official site. If most of their existing clients are happy, it means they offer quality services and prioritize client satisfaction. A few negative reviews are acceptable in such a case; however, if there are no reviews on the site, it means the company doesn’t understand the value of social proof, which isn’t a good sign. Some companies also show the projects they have covered in the past to new clients, and you can find such details on the official site.

    Safety should also be on your priority list while looking for an agency. You will find a lot of scammers online, and working with them won’t help you in any way. Such companies often stop replying after receiving money from clients, and you can lose money in such a case. Even if they finish the job, the output won’t be good.

    Analyze Their Promises

    Unreliable companies often make unrealistic promises to clients to earn money, which isn’t the right approach. You should stay away from such companies, as you are likely to get disappointed while working with them. You should know that a CRO company can’t get you overnight results. Even if they make an effective strategy for you, your brand won’t become the number one brand in the industry in a single day. The right company will analyze your situation and help you set realistic goals. They won’t make false claims.   

    Website Design

    Before contacting the company, you should visit their official website and check the user interface. The website should be well-designed, and the interface should also be user-friendly. Every CRO company should know that website design can affect conversion rate, and they should use their skills on their own project before helping others. If their own conversion rate isn’t up to the mark, you can’t expect them to help you achieve your goals. However, if you find their homepage appealing and their site is easy to navigate, you can consider contacting them.

    Ease of Communication

    When we talk about running a business, things can change quickly, and you may have to deal with roadblocks at times. While working with an agency, you will have to contact the team from time to time. You will have to get in touch with them whenever you have a question in mind, and you may also want some changes to the strategy. If the team takes a lot of time to respond to your queries, you should work with them, as you will get frustrated at some point. But if they respond quickly, things will run smoothly.

    Before making the payment, you should check the available modes of communication on the team. Some companies offer multiple communication modes, and you will have a lot of flexibility while working with them. Phone, email, and live chat are the most commonly available options, and some companies are also active on social media platforms. You should also keep an eye on the operational hours, and such details become even more important when you work with a company that operates in a different country.


    You should keep your budget in mind while signing a long-term deal. As mentioned above, you won’t get overnight results, and you will need to work with the agency for a period of time. If the available packages on the site don’t suit your budget, you should look for other options. You should choose a company that offers quality services at reasonable prices. However, if you have a flexible budget, you won’t have to worry much about the rates.

    Transparency is another important factor to consider because not all companies offer complete transparency to clients. If the agency you choose applies hidden charges, you won’t have a good experience with them. So, before signing the agreement, you should read all details carefully and check if they charge by the hour or have fixed rates for different projects.

    Well, these are the factors that you should consider while choosing a CRO company. The company is going to become an important part of your journey, so you shouldn’t choose the wrong option. Now, let’s talk about the types of conversion in CRO.

    How to Choose The Right Conversion Rate Optimization Agency?

    Conversion Types in Conversion Rate Optimization

    Micro Conversions

    Micro conversions, also known as secondary goals, are the steps/milestones that help a company reach the end goal. Newsletter subscriptions, eBook downloads, blog subscriptions, email clicks, and page views fall into this category. 

    Macro Conversions

    Macro conversions, as the name suggests, are the primary goals of a company. Checkout, contact us, request a quote, and free trials fall into this category. Micro conversions can help you achieve these goals, so they are equally important.

    Four Important Areas to Implement a CRO Strategy


    Your homepage is the first thing most people will notice about your website. This means it can help you make a good impression on new visitors. But if it isn’t well-designed and doesn’t contain the right information, people may not move to the next page. They may leave the site and look for other options; however, if your homepage is eye-catching, they may show interest and check out your products/services. Placing elements such as a free signup button and chat window button on it can prove beneficial.

    Pricing Page

    You should know that your pricing page will be the make-or-break point for many people. It’s important to add the right information here. Details such as product features, price-per-month, price-per-year, subscription plans, and contact number can do the job. You will have to place these details at the right spot. It will be an important part of your CRO strategy.

    Landing Page

    Landing pages are designed for visitors to take action, so it’s important to focus on them. They will also need to be optimized with other pages.


    Does your website have a ‘Blog’ section? If yes, you should add interesting and informative articles to it to help people learn new stuff. You can also add buying guides to this section to help people choose the right product. But you should also try to convert readers into customers. Every article on your site can become a part of your CRO strategy. Adding CTAs (call-to-action) and product links in the article will prove helpful, but you will have to do this job effectively. If the article is full of links, readers may get frustrated.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of businesses can benefit from CRO?

    Any business owner who wants visitors to buy products/services or take action on his site can benefit from CRO services. If the conversion rate increases, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

    How to start working with a CRO agency?

    After finding a suitable CRO company, you should contact them and discuss your needs. Once they get all their answers, they will start making an effective strategy for your website. They will also conduct research during the process to find the best option for you. After making a solid plan, they will ask you to review it, and if you give the green signal, they will execute it. After the execution stage, they will analyze the performance and make changes to the strategy if required.

    How much do conversion rate optimization services cost?

    CRO companies usually charge $5,000 to $30,000 per month; however, the number can go higher or lower depending upon several factors. If you have a tight budget, you should find an agency that offers quality services at affordable prices to save money. You can also get a customized package on some sites.