Homepage Optimization

Your homepage is the first page where your visitors come. You probably want to get maximum out of the traffic you have and that’s why you need Homepage Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO). There are many factors which affect the conversion rate. CTAs, images, headline or phrases you have picked, everything stacks up and the end result is your current conversion rate. With proper optimization you can expect huge increases – which is why you are going to choose us.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is the final page before conversion or before bouncing back and never coming back again. Choose wisely what are you going to have in you landing page or better – get your landing page optimized.

Mobile Apps Optimization

Today, everything is in our mobile. Whether it’s a food delivery app or a fitness tracker, everything is done in our phones. So, you have your app published and you have many users but you are not happy with the results. Why that happens? Probably because it’s not optimized or not even tested how the users react. Having your mobile app tracked and optimized will surely satisfy your users and you will be happy too.

Product Pages Optimization

Product pages should inform the visitors about your product but let’s say you have lengthy paragraphs with wordy sentences. Yes, they do the job theoretically, but they are boring and people are just skipping them and leaving them with neutral impression. 99% of the times this results in losing the potential buyers. If you have your product pages optimized you will get the most out of your traffic, which means more money saved and more money earned. Double win!

Checkout Pages Optimization

Checkout pages should be clean, concise and focused on making the people purchase the product. The less is more. If people are already on the checkout page, they don’t need to be decided to buy – they are already decided, they just need to do the final step and they won’t do it if the checkout page is stuffed, messy and spammy.


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